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Mar 09, 2012

Case sensitive domain selection

So, while it might be possible to have drop down lists to choose the appropriate domain and subsequent AAA servers to authenticate users I decided to be lazy and just put a domain field into the logon page in VPE. I then created an Empty action with a different branch rule for each domain. Based on that they hit the correct AD Auth server and all seems to work nicely (if not efficiently). My problem is that the branch rule on the empty action that I use looks like:

expr { [mcget {session.logon.last.domain}] contains "contoso"} (== works as well).


This works fine except for obvious case mismatch issues. Is there a way to convert the domain to lowercase so this will always match? Or a better way? Thanks.


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  • Hi Chad,



    You can set the domain to lowercase:



    expr { [string tolower [mcget {session.logon.last.domain}]] contains "contoso"}



    As this is a string comparison, it would be slightly more efficient to use eq instead of == as == uses a numeric conversion first and then tries string if that fails.



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    Thank you both so much, I can now get child domain logons through APM. Now I will work on the drop down list box and everyone will be super happy.