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Feb 04, 2012

Capturing URI on BigIP to MS SQL Database

Hi All,



Can anyone point me in the right direction here... I want to capture every URL that my BigIP processes and store it in a Microsoft SQL Server database.


If this is possible (and advisable) I'd like to split the URL up so I can perform some analysis on the traffic we receive on a day to day basis.



Any pointers greatly appreciated.



Many thanks,






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  • it is not a real answer. when reading, i thought of Splunk.




  • Depends on how much traffic you will have.



    F5 in v11 have high speed logging which can be used for this. But I dunno if this is recommended or not.



    Another option is to do the analysis based on the logs of the webservers (if you are in a reverse situation). Or use the logs from the proxy (if you are in a forward situation) because they will exist anyway and can easily be batched into your SQL server if you wish.