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Nov 05, 2010

Capturing Credit Card Data using iRule

Hello Everyone,



I am very one here. My company is providing PCI DSS solution to customer and one of them is protecting credit card data.



I would like to use iRule for capturing Credit card data from HTTP / HTTPS traffic when it passes through f5 and converting actual credit card data into dymmy card number / token number. I heard that I can do using f5 with iRules but could not get any success.



Can any one please help me how to achive this goal.



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  • HI Narendra,


    Have you taken a look at the code share for Credit Card Scrubbing







  • The stream based iRule Bhattman linked to should be an efficient way to do this.





    If you wanted to avoid rechunking responses, you could add logic to the STREAM_MATCHED event to replace the actual credit card number with a dummy string of the same length.