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Apr 01, 2021

Can't reach Gateway on F5 from another device

So I have a lab that runs with F5 IPSec Tunnel with another firewall on the other side. I tried to ping to another side from F5, it works. But when I tried to ping from a switch that connected to F5, it's not worked.

Here's the topology and some configurations from F5:






Is there some configuration that I miss? If yes please let me know.

Thank you

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  • See article for "Diagnosing IPsec Tunnel Issues" as from what you say the F5 device does not add the traffic from the switch to the tunnel, if you dont see issues and a tcpdump also show that F5 is sedning the traffic to the other device in the VPN tunnel then see why the replies don't come back as the issue could be not from the F5 config but the Firewall VPN config.