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Jan 18, 2022

Can we run curl in tmsh mode ?

Hi Experts ,


Can we run curl command in tmsh mode ?


<tmos>curl -vk


or do we have any option to use <bash> along with tmsh and execute the curl in tmos ?

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  • Anything is possible with the f5 (Doesnt mean you always should tho) 

    From within tmsh shell use this:

    run /util bash -c 'curl -vk'

  • Access to the advanced shell is restricted to users within certain roles.

    The TMSH does not allow to run bash commands. Call bash shell with command "bash" for that.


    Refer to the tech docs for more information about user roles and advanced shell:



  • depending on your rights you can do

    run util bash

    to end up in bash

    i don't believe you can do things like what you ask from tmsh