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Jun 30, 2011

Can remote ltm VS as a node?

I'm looking to forward traffic going to a VS over to another VS at a remote LTM.



I've set up the remote VS as its own node and pool (on the local LTM), and enabled autoSNAT, but it just hangs when attempting to open in a browser.




I have confirmed that traffic is sourced from the self-ip on the outbound vlan.




Seems pretty straightforward, but I can't get it going for some reason. Any help is appreciated.










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  • Hi Ken,


    Have you checked to see if that source IP is reaching the remote VS at the remote LTM?






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    tcpdump is your friend in all cases.



    Perform a tcpdump at each point (i.e. the local LTM and the remote LTM) looking for the bi-directional traffic (Should be easy. Sounds like a SYN/ACK isn't getting back). Possibly your remote LTM doesn't have a route back to the self-ip? Or the remote LTM isn't doing SNAT and you don't have a route back from the poolmember to the local SNAT via the remote F5?



  • Hey guys,



    looks like it was as simple as setting up a egress snat pool. turns out it wasn't using the right IP when using autosnat.



    Thanks all!
  • Thanks for posting the solution. It sounds like there wasn't a floating self IP on the egress VLAN:



    sol7336: The SNAT Automap feature may use an unintended self IP address