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Jun 12, 2023

Can APM Licenses on Two Separate Boxes Be Combined?

Hello all, Looks like people that used another VPN solution before F5 APM a bit confused about licenses. Couple of times they asked below question to me. Apperantly, they don't seem to believe my an...
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    Jun 12, 2023

    In an HA configuration, the CCU limit is based on the limit of the current active box. So if both BIGIP units have a 500 CCU limit, then at any given time, depending which unit is active, the limit will be 500 CCU. There is no such thing as combining  2 units to give you the licensed performance of BOTH units with only one active. The issue here is... over provisioning!

    You have two options..

    - Buy more CCU license add on for both units.

    - Load balance before both units, keeping them as standalone. Perhaps DNS based load balancing with an iRule to redirect to the other unit of the CCU limit is reached.

    - This should not be your problem. Incredulous executives or managers can be dealt by having F5 sales engineers and executives being involved. Sometimes you can't reason with stupid.

    Hope this helps.