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Feb 23, 2011

Can a F5 load balance JDBC queries !!!

Can a F5 load balance JDBC queries !!!



For example, can it view the query string and send all such queries to the same server? This will allow the queries to hit the server that already has the cache for the query .If so, how wil the setup be....Please advice.



If an iRule can fix this request, Can someone please share with me as to how that iRule syntax would look like!!






JDBC -- Java Database connectivity.


JDBC is a set of API's that offer a database-independent means of extracting and/or inserting data to or from a database.To perform these insertions and extractions,SQL code also resides




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  • Karthik,



    I gather by the lack of replies that not many people have tried this. Can you post an example of a JDBC query and response? Perhaps from a packet capture?
  • This is really, really (did I say really?) tricky to pull off in a non-brittle way. There are a few reasons for this:



    -- A JDBC connection pool re-uses long-lasting connections over and over. This means that one connection could have different query types traversing it, and you'd need MBLB type functionality for the queries.


    -- DB queries get complex. For example, it's not safe to say "send SELECT statements to the cache and INSERT to the R/W instance" because you can do an insert or some other R/W operation on a nested SELECT statement. I'm not a SQL person but I imagine that the list of possible edge cases is enormous.


    -- You'd have to do some serious iRules work to get at the data stream and make decent decisions.



    The list goes on, but that's enough for me :). It may be better to look at standing up a different connect string and using that for the cached queries, if possible. That can live behind a VIP as well.