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May 26, 2011

browser error 400 illegal ssl requst when ram caching is enabled

Why is this happening?



Our http profile looks like this...


b profile http HTTP_XFF_REWRITE_CACHE list profile http HTTP_XFF_REWRITE_CACHE { defaults from HTTP_XFF_DE compress enable compress prefer gzip compress min size 1024 compress buffer size 4096 compress vary header enable compress http 1.0 disable compress gzip memory level 16k compress gzip window size 32k compress gzip level 6 compress keep accept encoding disable compress browser workarounds disable compress cpu saver enable compress cpu saver high 90 compress cpu saver low 75 redirect rewrite all ramcache enable ramcache size 100mb ramcache max entries 10000 ramcache max age 3600 ramcache min object size 500 ramcache max object size 50000 ramcache ignore client cache control none ramcache aging rate 9 ramcache insert age header enable compress uri include none compress uri exclude none compress content type include { "text/" "application/(xml|x-javascript)" "text/css" "application/x-javascript" "text/html" "text/plain" "application/pdf" "application/" "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet" } compress content type exclude none ramcache uri exclude { "/uri1*" "/uri2*" "/uri3/*" "/uri4**" "/uri5*" "/uri6*" "/uri7*" "/logon*" } ramcache uri include "/" ramcache uri pinned { "" "" "" "" } }



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  • Can you put the config sample in a code block using [ code ] [/ code ] tags (without the spaces)?



    Does the error occur on every request which is cached? Or on just some requests? Does it happen for all browsers or just some?