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Oct 07, 2020

Botdefense advanced variables

Hello friends


We have been told about certain advanced variables of botdefense in f5, like this one botdefense.max_js_verification_seconds


We see via tmsh that there are a lot of advanced variables in dosl7.* and botdefense.* sysdb, but if you search for them in google there is no documentation nor nothing to read about them.

We have some problems in the browser in the verification timeout of botdefense, and we will like to tune this variables. But we see nothing to read about those variables.


Is there any document where we can read about these variables and how to fine tune bot defense?



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  • We document very few of the advanced variables in ASM in general and those that are documented are usually in specific documents for bugs or problems where changing the variable will either workaround or resolve an issue. This is because the advanced system variables can have broad impacts.


    You can attempt to tune the value from default, perform "tmsh save /sys config" then test to see if there is an impact.


    # tmsh modify sys db botdefense.max_js_verification_seconds value 60


    sys db botdefense.max_js_verification_seconds {

      default-value "30"

      scf-config "true"

      value "30"     <----

      value-range "unsigned integer min:0 max:1000"




    I recommend you open a case with F5 support to address your issue.

  • Hello Andrew


    We opened a case with F5 and they told us to modify this variable botdefense.max_js_verification_seconds. I asked them for the other variables and their meaning, and they told us to ask for a document here in devcentral.


    Isn't there any document where i can read about these variables? I am very interested in variables about cookies timeouts, and how to modify these default values