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Dec 27, 2018

Bot Defense Remote Logging



I am trying to export bot defense logs from my brand new BIG-IP 14.1 to BIG-IQ in my lab, but I am not being able to select a remote publisher. The UI is showing the following error:



As I don`t know what "afm em" means, I tried to see what the UI was trying to do behind the scenes when I found the following:



Message from API: One of the following features must be licensed/provisioned for the URI security/log/profile/classification/log-all-classification-matches : afm em


Is it required to have AFM running to export bot defense logs? Only LTM and ASM are provisioned in this device.




Renato A. Ferreira


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  • Remote logging of DoS Protection profiles and Bot Defense profiles is not yet supported. It should be supported in an upcoming release.