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Oct 23, 2020

Bot defense block false Positive

Hi all

I had configurated Bot defense policy on BIG-IP version After I had applied to block. all requests to the webserver with status blocking.

I don't understand why it blocks.

Please explain help me

Setting policy and Browser Verification : Challenge-Free Verification


log block





Hung Hoang

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  • Hello Hung,


    This block is not related to bot mitigation settings. It is related to Browsers verification.

    It seems that in browser you send request to not Qualified to Injection URL.

    In general, to make URL qualified, you need to get 10 server responses with html tag OR you can manually make URL always qualified by dosl7.cs_qualified_urls sys db - e.g. "modify sys db dosl7.cs_qualified_urls value /1.html,/*php"