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Oct 21, 2011

Bot Blocked Logs in ASM

Hello all.



Big-ip LTM + ASM v9.4.8



The ASM module is blocking repeated googlebot requests due to "illegal HTTP status in response". This is fine and dandy. However, is there any way I can get the ASM to not log these blocks as there are tons of them?



Ideally I'd like the ASM to block the request and when both the HTTP status and perhaps User-Agent are certain values then not to log this request.



Hope someone can help.



Kind rgds




2 Replies

  • @nathan



    Got to love the bots! You can turn of the logging for that policy item by unchecking the alarm box in the policy blocking mask for "Illegal HTTP status in response"



    Policy -> Blocking -> Settings



    As for not logging only for specific status/user-agent pairs, in 9.X, not that I can think of. 10 introduces some new logging functions, but I can't think of a function out of the box that would do that. Maybe some fun with the new versions of the logging profiles in the asm.



    Hope it helps!