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Nov 13, 2011

Bluecoat proxies with active-standby LTMs


We have a couple of LTMs that will act in active-standby mode for our cache farm project where we will be implementing explicit proxy solution.


I would request your advice for connecting these Bluecoat proxies to the LTMs. I want these proxies (3-4 in in number) to be connected directly to both the LTMs. In case the primary LTM goes down, the user traffic should seamlessly shift to the secondary LTM.


I know that we can connect the proxies to a switch which will in turn connect to the LTMs but I do not want to have another device between LTMs and proxies. Which solution is better and what are our options here?


Your advice will be highly appreciated.




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  • you can directly connect proxysg to bigip. since there are two bigip, u have to divide proxysg by two.



    anyway, if i were you, i would connect all proxysg to stack switch which then connect to bigip using link aggregation.
  • Hi Ahmer,


    I am in full agreement with nitass that L2 switch between the proxy and LTM is strongly recommended.