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Oct 15, 2021

Blank page with APM Portal Access resource

Hi All,


Customer uses APM with a Portal Access resource. When accessing this resource we can see the page being loaded. Text and images are shown, but when all is completed, we get a blank web page.


To strip down the configuration I setup a simple LTM configuration in my lab. No APM, just node, pool and VS. A simple Rewrite profile to rewrite the hostname and I can access the web page and it remains visible.


Knowing this is working, I created a Full Webtop and put the same web site as Portal Access resource on this Webtop. At that moment I have the issue when viewing this web page. Looked at rewrites, patching etc but nothing seems to help.


Fiddler trace seems normal but show a 504 at some point, but not sure this is relevant because there is no indication of latency or lack of response from website or F5 appliance.


I am on version Customer is on


I know there is not a lot to go on, but if anyone could me give me some tips and tricks that would be great.

Other sites and applications via AMP and Portal Access are working fine. It is just this single site.






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  • not sure totally what could be causing, but have seen issues where some of the portal access resources rewrite fails. By default, F5 adds /f5-w-<HEX_equivalent_of_FQDN>$$ to the URL. Please check if any of the URL for image, css or anyother resource is failing for above rewrite.



    Alternative option could be, to create new VIP, create new APM policy with MFA or any other security requirements and expose VIP to outside (might need HOST rewrite) and see if issue gets solved.