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Mar 02, 2023

BIND Forwarder Server List

If the DNS Lookup Server List is used to allow the BIG-IP to resolve FQDNs used for nodes and other network objects, what is the BIND Forwarder Server List used for? A recent manual say that the list 'provides DNS resolution for servers and other equipment load-balanced by the BIG-IP system (for the server that the BIG-IP system uses for DNS proxy services)', but it still isn't clear to me what this really means. How do clients consume this DNS proxy capability? Is this related to the DNS Relay Proxy component of the edge client?

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  • Hey rob_carr - I thought I'd replied to this twice, but managed to not actually hit Reply or something. Anyway, good to see you around again - I've send this link to some colleagues for them to weigh in since nobody has answered you yet. 

  • Hi MichaelN 

    I believe the question rob_carr was asking was regarding the system settings (Configuration/Device/DNS) where you can configure "DNS lookup server list" and "BIND forwarder server list".
    The article you linked to contains information on how to configure the DNS module and I can't any info here on the systems settings. Can you give a real world example of when the BIND forwarder will be used instead of the DNS lookup?

    PS: It's a good article but all the images fails to load. 

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      Hey J-H_Johansen - while MichaelN will need to be the one to reply to your question, I wanted to drop in to say that me and LiefZimmerman just took a look, and unfortunately can't restore those images (they seem to have been lost in a migration, the author is no longer with F5, and the Wayback Machine wasn't able to provide any help). Apologies for the inconvenience! 

  • Hello,

    Havent used it in production, but as far as i know, that option will set the default forwarder DNS servers to be used by BIND DNS server that is installed as part of the DNS (GTM formerly) module, for managing queries when they are neither wide-ips, dns-express, dns-cache, etc, as a "fallback".

    For example its mentioned here: