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Nov 24, 2016

BIGIQ 5.0 created a virtual server on ADC gui, how to deploy it to bigip device?

Hi all,   The bigip has been added, existing VS can been set. I searched in change management but it shows nothing, how can it deploy to bigip?   Thanks in advance!  
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    Nov 24, 2016

    In Change Management, do the following: * Go to Evaluate & Deploy in the left menu


    • Select Local Traffic & Network


    • Click the Create button in the Evaluate and Deploy section on the right


    • Give the evaluation job a name
    • Select the devices you want to evaluate for changes in the Target section
    • Click the create button in the lower right The BIG-IQ will now communicate with the Target BIG-IP(s) to get the current configuration running there, take a snapshot of the BIG-IQ configuration, and compare those two things to produce a set of differences


    • Once the evaluation job completes, you can click the view link under the Differences column to see the differences.


    • Review that those are the changes that you want to deploy.
    • Click the cancel button to exit the difference viewer
    • Now you can either select the evaluation job and click the deploy button or click on the name of the evaluation to deploy now or schedule the deployment for a later time.