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Aug 15, 2011

Bigip WA

For the life of me I can't find the command line syntax for reloading the LTM's WA. Can anyone help?


Is there a document I can reference for this ?

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    You can restore the WA database to its default state using the wa_reset_db CLI command (introduced in 9.4.8 and in 10.0.1).
  • Hi Drew. thanks for this but it's not quite what I'm after. I want to take a copy of the WA configuration from a Production LTM and load it into a DR LTM. I'd rather just load up the Prod config to make sure the DR box is identical to the Prod. Once I have the configuration files copied over to the DR box I'm after a command to reload the config (assuming there is such an option). Any ideas?
  • exporting the WA policy using the GUI is easy in version 10. I'm not sure about doing this from the CLI. but from the Web accelerator menu click on policies. under


    User-defined Acceleration Policies click on the Export link to the right of your production policy and save it to your local machine then get into the DR appliance and into Web Accelerator >polices then use the import button on the right upper corner of the GUI to import the WA policy into the DR appliance. Then build your class profile and apply it as needed.
  • Thanks for this suggestion.. I've used this to port over the policy and then added the remaining config manually. I'm happy with this. Thanks!