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Feb 14, 2011

BIGIP VE issue application octet/stream



i am having an issue while opening virtual server webpage on windows O/S in every web browser.


I have defined pool , pool member which is listening on port 81 and virtual server which is listening on port 80. I gave only 1 pool member. Virtual server points to a pool member on which apache is running with coldfusion server.


When i connect to pool member directly i can access the webpage ( under windows and linux ).


I have set snat : automap . i got 2 client pc virtual machines that are connecting to virtual server.


When accessing the virtual server from a linux OS using firefox webpage is generating without any issues.


When accessing the virtual server from a windows OS using firefox/chrome/opera/IE , webpage is empty (in IE/opera/chrome), and when i try to open it in firefox it asks me what do i want to do with the Application octet/stream . When i choose save to disk, and open the file, there is no html code.


What i really do not understand is that i managed to get it working with 1 trick... On the F5 ltm VE console, i issue command : tcpdump on internal interface , and from windows OS the webpage is accessible. I really do not have any clue why it is starting to work after i run tcpdump from big-ip VE virtual machine.


In apache logs while browsing using linux i got normal queries and answers. When browsing with windows in apache logs i see this:


* . * . * . * - - [date] "" 501 293 ""-"" "-"" .


i really do not know how to connect things like "it works when tcpdump is working" with the issue. Did anyone have any issue similar to mine ?







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  • Hi Greg,



    Can you use Wireshark or tcpdump on the VM host (not on LTM VE) and compare the working scenario from a Linux client with the failing request/response from a Windows client? Check to see if there is anything different in the response headers or content and then the request headers or content.



  • I made screenshots from wireshark on windows


    1) while tcpdump -i internal is working



    2) while tcpdump -i internat was not running




    And a screenshot from linux without having tcpdump turned on on big ip