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May 31, 2011

BigIp_VE_10.1.0 — APM module and Hypervisor Support

I am new to BigIP VE and we want to deploy BigIP in front of XenApp. I have just downloaded the .ova file of BigIp VE 10.1.0 for the trial use(In fact, we original intended to use the latest version 10.2.1, however, we can not activate it and use it as the trial version)



Could somebody let me know that:



1. Whether the APM module is enabled in the BigIp_VE_10.1.0?



2. Can BigIp_VE_10.1.0 be deployed on the XenServer? If yes, which version is required? Thank you so much!

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  • Hi Kevin,



    1. No, APM VE was only released in v10.2.1:




    2. I don't believe there currently is official support for Xen as a hypervisor yet.



    I'd get in touch with your F5 or partner SE as you should be able to get an eval version of APM VE for 10.2.1 from them.



  • Hi Aaron,



    I am a little puzzled right now. I have seen two links right now coupled with the second one you provided to me. One is for the BIG-IP LTM Virtual Edition version 10.2.1[] and the other one is BIG-IP APM Virtual Edition version 10.2.1[]. But it seems that the APM is not implemented and functions as a separate VM. It should be enabled and included as a functioning module in the LTM 10.2.1 VE virtual machines after the LTM 10.2.1 is licensed. With this understanding, so after I have downloaded the LTM .ova file and deployed in my ESX hypervisor, I can use the function the embedded APM provided in this LTM vm. Is that right?



    Thank you so much.


  • There has been an LTM only VE available since 10.1.0. However, this LTM VE did not include APM. LTM for a physical platform did start supporting APM in 10.1.0 both as an addon license and with a free demo license. However, to run APM in a hypervisor, I think you'd need to use 10.2.1 VE (LTM VE with an APM addon license or APM VE). If you've loaded an LTM VE ova you'd need to get an APM add-on license. Or you might be able to use a free 10 user demo. Either way, if you are having problems getting APM licensed for an evaluation, I suggest contacting your local F5 SE or partner. They'll be able to get you set up.



    Clear as mud? If you still have questions feel free to reply here or get in touch with your local F5 SE.



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    Let me see if I can help clear up some confusion.



    The VE trial license that you can get from only works with 10.1 and is for LTM only. If you want to evaluate 10.2.x, you'll have to get an eval key from your F5 sales team. If you don't know who that is, go to and it will give you contact information for your area.



    APM is only available on VE in 10.2.1, and is an additional add on key. Your sales team can also get you an eval key for APM.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Just back from vocation... Thank you so much for such detailed reply.



    Two more questions:



    1. I just got a non-production license for LTM VE and have applied it to the BigIP 10.2.1 VE (LTM and APM) on my ESX Hypervisor. I have successfully activated the LTM with this non-production license. After the activation, when I re-entered in to the system, I saw in the "Setup Utility ->License" tab that in the "Active Modules" line:




    • Add Access Policy Manager, Virtual Edition










      • ADD WEB APP









    Does that mean that with this non-production license, the APM module in the BigIP 10.2.1 VE (LTM and APM) is also activated? Or to use the APM module in the BigIP 10.2.1 VE (LTM and APM), do I need another non-production license for APM?



    2. What is the difference between "Optional Modules" and "Inactive Modules"? Dose that mean if I want to use the function provided by one specific module residing in the "Optional Modules" list, I need to have the corresponding license to activate it firstly?



    Thanks again.


  • Hi Kevin,



    Active modules are those that are available for use on the BIG-IP. If you see APM VE in the active modules section then it will be available for provisioning. Once it's provisioned, you'll see the Access Policy portion of the GUI.



    Optional modules show ones that you don't have licensed. If you want to use the functionality an optional module provides, you'd need to get another key for it.



  • Yes. As you said Aaron, after the initial configuration of the BigIP VE 10.2.1, I can see the "Access Policy" sub-tab in the "Main" tab of the UI. I think it is available for me to use it.



    By the way, after the initial configuration, I want to apply the latest hot fix HF3 to BigIP VE 10.2.1. Do you know there is a link such as the step-by-step guide for the patch process?