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Sep 02, 2011

BigIP sends syn to members, with no request to VIP and no monitors enabled

I have an extremely simple setup configured. One Virtual, one pool, two members. I had setup icmp monitors on the nodes, http monitors on the members. When there was no access to the virtual IP, I still saw two connections to each member.

I figured it was the monitors and so I disabled the http monitors. I still saw the connections.


I then disabled the icmp monitors, still saw the connections.




I did a tcpdump on the external vlan, and internal vlan and saw no traffic on the external but constantly a syn, syn ack, and fin communication from BigIP to members. The only way I can get the traffic to stop is to disable the members in the pool. If I re-enable them the traffic doesn't start until I access the Virtual IP one time. Then I can't get the traffic to stop until I disable the members and enable them.




I've checked all of the monitors to make sure they are off, and my status icons are all blue which means they have not been checking or status is unknown.




Is the BigIP supposed to make connections to the members when monitors are turned off?


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    Could it be a similar situation to this known bug?







  • It is the exact same behavior except rather then the node or member going offline, I removed the monitoring altogether. The node is still up and functioning but no monitoring is enabled and the traffic continues. I should also note that I am on 10.2.2 VE.
  • what's source address u saw? was it non-floating selfip?