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Apr 14, 2011


Simple question, on the cli i can use config ultility to setup static IP but not to setup mgmt interface to use DHCP. How can i setup mgmt interface to use dhcp. I know i could use the LCD panel but i need to do it fom cli access since i do not have physical acess to the unit.



Thanks in advance



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  • You can do this in the GUI under System | Platform | Management Port Configuration: Automatic (DHCP). From the CLI, you can use:



    view: b system mgmt dhcp


    enable: b system mgmt dhcp enable


    disable: b system mgmt dhcp disable



    Once you've made the change, run 'b save all' to write the change from memory to disk.



  • For your reference, I found that by running 'bigpipe help | less' and searching through for "dhcp". That's a useful way to search all bigpipe command options when you're not sure of the exact syntax.



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    This has gotten a little long in the tooth for TMSH use the following:


    modify sys global-settings mgmt-dhcp enable