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Apr 13, 2011

BigIP LTM VE 10.1.0 - licence & hotfix problem




My company recently bought a licence for the BigIP TLM VE in order to build a certification environnement for our developers. Our Standard BigIP run version 10.1.0 build 3402.0.



I downloaded BigIP LTM 10.1.0 trial (that is the only one possible for this version), but i can't use our licence (it says this licence doesn't fit this product).



I think the problem is the licence is for BigIP LTM VE 10.2.x (not trial), but how can i have a BigIP TLM VE in version 10.1.0 build 3402.0 (HF2) as the trial version doesn't support hotfix?



Is this possible to download the 10.2.0 and install an older hotfix (like HF2)?







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  • Quick answers:



    10.1.0 isn't supported on LTM VE. LTM VE Trial Edition (LTM VE TE?) is based on 10.1.0.




    Hotfixes apply to their specific versions. To fit your example, 10.1.0 HF2 is only for 10.1.0 (and 10.1.0 HF1, etc.), but not 10.2.x





  • Thanks for the quick answer.



    Even if 10.1.0 isn't suported on LTM VE, there is no possibility to install a 10.2.0 TLM VE and downgrade to a 10.1.0?