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Dec 13, 2022

BIG-IQ devices allow auto update for WAF subscriptions


I'm configuring a Big-IQ V8.2, I want to use it to download via web proxy some updates of WAF subscriptions, including Threat Campaigns and IP Intelligence so that it automatically updates its BIG-IPs WAF-enabled devices accordingly.

I already have 6xBig-IP units registered in Big-IQ and arranged in 3xDSC clusters.

the problem is that when i Setup every WAF subscription under the Big-IQ at config > Security > Threat Intellingence (Shared security, web application, Fraud Protection) my list of "Devices allow auto update" is empty, despite of having properly registered all devices in advance in the Devices tab.

Do I need to enable some setting somewhere in the Big-IQ to allow my devices to be visible in this screen?

I can see how the updates are being properly downloaded at a every established time period, but this is useless unless if my list auto update devices is empty. 

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