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Mar 16, 2021

Big-IQ Central Management and Data Collection Device

Hi Experts,


Would like to ask, do I need to have an APM module on Big-IP before I can deploy a Big-IP with data collection device?

I cannot seem find a document about this.


Thank you in advance.


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  • "a Big-IP with data collection device?" or you mean BIG-IQ?



    Check the article below as if you add the BIG-IP to the BIG-IQ and then you add the BIG-IP APM module you will need to again discover the BIG-IP and select the check box that the big-iq needs to manage also the APM "For Discover device service configuration, choose the device service configuration(s). For example, select the check boxes for Local Traffic (LTM) and Web Application Security (ASM) if the BIG-IP device has both BIG-IP LTM and BIG-IP ASM modules enabled and you want BIG-IQ to manage both these modules."



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    Check this,

    it's a nice place to understand all the steps that you can do with BIG-IQ and APM