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Mar 15, 2012

BIG-IP Virtual Edition VLAN VGT setup




I've been tasked with investigating using VGT(virtual guest tagging) to allow our F5 BIG-IP VM to be on potentially many VLANs (as opposed to the default of 1 VLAN per vNIC).



We are running VMware vCenter Server Version 4.1 for virtualization and BIG-IP Version 10.1.0 3341.1084 Final Edition.



I have setup a port group with VLAN id 4095 in our virtual environment and assigned it to one of the vNIC's on the BIG-IP VM. I have added a tagged VLAN to this interface with a tag of 25 (to match the existing network vlan tag).



When I add a Self-IP to this VLAN and try to ping it from my machine, I get 30%-70% packet loss and widely varying ping times (300ms - 2000ms). I have confirmed that 100% of the pings are getting to the virtual switch (the last 'hop' before the BIG-IP) using a sniffer VM on the same vHost.



If I ping the management interface from my machine I get a steady 20ms ping response with 0% packet loss.



I have tried all sorts of configuration changes and I'm running out of ideas, I can conclude that the icmp packets are reaching the BIG-IP VM, then they either get caught in a very long loop and finally make it to the correct VLAN interface, or they are discarded.



Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.
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