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May 25, 2023

BIG-IP Virtual Edition - WAF

Good afternoon community,


I have a question related to my device 

I have configured the following:


What i want to achive is that: I want that IP address assigned to external (DMZ) 10.123.105. to forward traffic to my internal 10.123.101. subnet.

I have configured the following Virtual Server


I want to test it using 3389 (RDP).

What i am missing, if someone could help? 








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  • Hi CatalinB

    I would change the VS type to "Forwarding (IP)". You should only use other types if you need to apply any kind of logic to the traffic.

    Make sure that the VS is listening on the dmz vlan and that the return traffic from the gateway in vlan 102 know how to get to the dmz addresses (via the selfip on the F5).




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      Hello LiefZimmerman,

      I paused this project for a while, I was involved in other things.

      Before to pause this, i tried what lnxgeek suggested, tried other things also but none of them worked.

      If you have more ideas i am more than happy to hear them.

      Thank you.

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        Hello CatalinB 

        Can you make a tcpdump of the traffic when trying to push data throuth:

        tcpdump -nni 0.0:nnn -s0 -w /var/tmp/dump.pcap

        Open it in Wireshark and see what reaches the box and which IP does it have when it leaves it.