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Apr 22, 2021

Big-IP VE Per-App LTM only PAYG



Does F5 have a road map of which products are available on the different cloud providers in PAYG model?


I just spent time working on getting a Per-App LTM only working in AWS with autoscaling. I've now gone to move this from development into production and the ability to use the LTM only Per-App has been removed from AWS. So the lowest end option I'm now left with is using a "Good" bundle VE.




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  • I've had a response from a contact at F5.

    The Per-App LTM subscription is no longer offered by F5 in public cloud, but the Per-App with Advanced WAF, IP Intelligence and Threat Campaigns is now the option that is offered. BYOL is still an option.

  • You can see if this helps: