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May 03, 2012

BIG-IP VE 11.1.0 LACP support


Could you please confirm that BIG-IP VE 11.1.0 doesn't support LACP trunking?

As I see from web interface it's possible to create a trunk, but there is in option to choose LACP active or passive mode.

Also, when I try to enable LACP on trunk using the tmsh I get the following:

root@bigip1(Active)(/Common)(tmos) modify net trunk mytrunk lacp enabled01070687:3: Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is not supported on this platform.

Thank you!

2 Replies

  • Yes that is correct.


    There's no reason to use LACP in the virtual environment, as it will not provide any additional bandwidth or redundancy.
  • Thanks for your response Simon.



    The only reason I'm asking, in the release notes for version 10.2 the LACP status was marked as unsupported, but no word in the 11.1 relnotes I found about it.


    Now it's clear.