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Jun 08, 2021

Big-IP TMOS 15 - unclear client info returned by APM

Hello everybody

When trying to debug various problems we are having with specific client devices failing to logon on properly, I usually relay on the 'user-agent' and 'client info' fields. However, for many ActiveSync related connections, I get something like shown below:

Received client info - Hostname: Type: activesync Version: 0 Platform: PocketPC CPU: unknown UI Mode: Active Sync Javascript Support: 0 ActiveX 

Support: 0 Plugin Support: 0

This is not really helpful when trying to find what sort of device is behind this traffic, since I only get 'Platform Pocket CPU', which I don't actually understand. Any suggestions on what this or if I might need to enable a higher logging tier?


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  • Thank you for your reply


    However, I am not totally convinced that this is always the case. First of all, Windows Mobile devices as defined in the article have been discontinued for many years. It is highly unlikely that a lot of our users are still using these devices. Secondly, we have seen this 'client info' being related to Windows 10 laptops while we also believe it to be a sign of Android devices. So it is still not totally clear why we are getting so many Pocket PC platform devices on the logs.