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Dec 20, 2023

Big IP Security Logging Profiles logs captured

Does Logging Profile created for Application Security also capture Application Audit Logs? 
I am trying to capture audit changes made on Big IP Console.

For example, creating a new allowed HTTP URL:
Security  ››  Application Security : URLs : Allowed URLs : Allowed HTTP URLs  ››  New Allowed HTTP URL...

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  • Hi Utkc137,

    you can find them in /var/log/asm. They should look similar to this:

    Dec 20 11:16:00 info perl[13577]: 01310053:6: ASMConfig change: Blocking Policy Setting Modified domain cookie(s) [update]: Enable Learn. Enable Alarm. Enable Block. { audit: policy = /Common/juiceshop, username = admin, client IP = }

    Is this what you were looking for?