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Nov 24, 2021

Big-IP Edge Client HELP!!!! SEH_Filter, UNHANDLED EXCEPTION!!! Code: 0xc000001d - Illegal instruction- ON windows 11 VM

Hello Folks, i am running the new MacBook with m1 chip and it requires that i can only run ARM based vm on it. I did find a windows 11 insider edition on ARM architecture.

I got the windows 11 VM up and running and then installed the client downloaded from my company available publicly here.


The client starts up but then immediately closes after about 5s and in the logs the last error thrown is -

Error          2021-11-24 3:34:46:061    Standalone          SEH_Filter, UNHANDLED EXCEPTION!!! Look for F5CORE*.dmp files. Address: 0x71a0db00. Code: 0xc000001d - Illegal instruction


earlier on a older laptop - i used to run a windows 7 vm on mac os and used the same client and same steps and it worked without any issues, but now with the new ARM architecture i can ONLY install windows 11 vm . so not sure if the issue is the architecture or windows 11 or something else?


Please help suggest how I can proceed ? This is really critical I get the edge client working and connected on the windows 11 VM as i have apps that require the use of windows.


Thanks in advance!!!






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