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Jul 25, 2019

BIG -IQ ASM event log issues



I have deployed BIG-IQ with 3 DCD nodes and enable service for DDOS and ASM on DCD.

Logging profile and Virtual server configured.


And able to see stat and report of ASM.

But unable view event log on BIG-IQ, not even the empty dashboard.




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  • Hello Rahul-yadav,


    (TCP) 8514 Provides logging profile communication for Web Application Security between F5 BIG-IP<-> F5 BIG-IQ. Reference here :

    Have you check the connectivity on this tcp port between the two hosts thanks to a netcat first ?

  • There is no restriction in term of port. All devices in same mangement Plan.

    The strange thing is here showing List is empty.

    atleast it shows the empty dashboard.

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      Hi Rahul, could you please share the remote logging profile. Since I have the same problem. Sorry if it's a simple thing to do, I'm a newbie to F5.

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    Check here how to create you logging profile to send info to big iq


    Just change the option BOT to Application