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Jun 17, 2022

Best Practice to administer nodes content in BIG-IP LTM

Hello Team,

I have a virtual server for a web application on a BIG-IP LTM with 5 nodes in routed mode without SNAT. I need to provide various internal team with access to the nodes (via RDP/FTP) so that they can update contents and application of each node individually.

 What is the best practice or best way to provide internal team access to each node individually so that they can administer each node? I find that creating a VIP for each node consumes many IP addresses in the public facing subnet.

Can you advise if there is a simpler way of doing this (like a way to access the node IP directly only for the sake of administration)?


Many thanks

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  • where are they located, networkwise, is the big question here. if you can get them to reach the systems behind the BIG-IP via an internal path then just a forwarding virtual server might be an option.

    if they are really located on the outside of the BIG-IP then you can use different ports then the original one. so say 1021, 1121, 1221, 1321, ... for FTP and 11389, 12389, 13389,... for RDP on one IP address.

    one jump host behind the BIG-IP, which can be use to transfer to the other might also be an option.