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Jan 13, 2023

Azure Payg 3nic - Existing Stack Azure template extension failed

Hi all.

Need your help to know why is this failing. When I deploy the PAYG template the extension installation fails with
"**_Status Message: VM has reported a failure when processing extension 'start'. Error message: "Enable failed: failed to execute command: command terminated with exit status=1

/bin/sh: -c: line 109: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''
/bin/sh: -c: line 110: syntax error: unexpected end of file

More information on troubleshooting is available at (Code:VMExtensionProvisioningError)_**"

IĀ“m running this version:
"f5CloudLibsTag": "v4.27.1",
"f5CloudLibsAzureTag": "v2.17.1",
"f5NetworksTag": "v10.2.0.0",

Many thanks!

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  • Hi Juancho ,

    Not sure if these options can help tshoot your issue, you can try these basic steps also look into the Azure logs for more details of your issue.

    Option 1

    This looks like to be issue from extension deployment during the VM  deployment. Most of the time, the issue should get resolved when you retry the deployment.

    If the issue persists even after the re-try, as this is more of an technical issue rather than a Programming issue, I would recommend you to create an technical support case to Azure technical teams. They would help you with resolving the issue.

    Reference to create a Support ticket to Azure Support teams :

    Azure portal: In the portal, select the VM and in the left pane under the Support + troubleshooting, select Redeploy + reapply, then select Reapply.

    Option 2

    One of the reasons that the deployment for virtual machine initiated failed could be due to the virtual CPU quota being exceeded for the requested resource.

    Please follow the steps in this document to check your subscription limits and quotas:

    In case this is the reason, you would need to request quota increase to resolve this issue. The steps are described here.

    Also, please note that the quota increment depends on the volume of demand in the region.

    Please check the quota and let me know if you are still seeing issues.