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Jul 28, 2022

Assistance with an iRule

Good day

I need assistance with an iRule that can read the current time, add that as a timestamp and encrypt it in the header.


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  • Interesting challenge. Try this?


    when RULE_INIT {
      set static::key "fc2ed2bf490ad801c04ccd46b9d85b0c"
      set static::iv "7e2fe021d573c0eedd93c4b2704b1b3e"
      set time [clock seconds]
      set encryptedtime [CRYPTO::encrypt -alg aes-128-cbc -keyhex $static::key -ivhex $static:iv $time]
      HTTP::header remove SECRETTIME
      HTTP::header insert SECRETTIME [b64encode $encryptedtime]


    You can test it like by applying this rule to a test VIP:

    when RULE_INIT {
      set static::key "fc2ed2bf490ad801c04ccd46b9d85b0c"
      set static::iv "7e2fe021d573c0eedd93c4b2704b1b3e"
    when HTTP_REQUEST {
      set time [clock seconds]
      set encryptedtime [CRYPTO::encrypt -alg aes-128-cbc -keyhex $static::key -ivhex $static::iv $time]
      HTTP::respond 200 SECRETTIME [b64encode $encryptedtime]

    And then test decrypting with curl and openssl:

    curl -sI <ip> | grep SECRETTIME | awk '{print $2}' | openssl enc -a -d -aes-128-cbc -K fc2ed2bf490ad801c04ccd46b9d85b0c -iv 7e2fe021d573c0eedd93c4b2704b1b3e

    Edit, made key + iv static to avoid being shamed by the iRules community.
    Edit2: Added an example and changed to 32 bit hex key to follow the spec. F5 accepts 16 but openssl does not accept it.



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      Forgot how fun it is to be challenged by technical questions in the Devcentral forum. Too bad coding, work and kids takes up too much time. 🤔

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        I hear ya Patrik! It's hard to maintain balance. Thanks for the assist!

        And SugarsB - if this solved your problem clicking Accept as Solution will give at least one of Patrik's kids a cookie. 🍪


  • Thanks for helping out Patrik! We REALLY appreciate your help, support and participation!  🙂