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May 13, 2018

Assign an Existing Node to Pool in F5 BIG IP through F5-SDK

Is there any way to assign a node that already exists in the Common partition to a pool that also already exists? For example:


Call pool and node
pool ="mypool", partition='Common')
node ="mynode", partition='Common')
First Option
pool.members_s.members.create(, partition="Common")
Second Option
pool.members_s.members[0] = node    

I don't know if the code is exactly correct, thanks in advance


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  • You almost had it!

    pool ='Common', name='mypool')
    pool.members_s.members.create(partition='Common', name='mynodename:80')

    The secret sauce is in the overloaded

    argument - it is really "node_name:service_port".

    The above adds an existing node called "mynodename" to the pool and sets its service port to 80.