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Feb 09, 2011

ASM removing cookies????

I wanted to see if anyone out there has ever encountered an instance where ASM would strip a cookie out of a request for whatever reason. We are having a problem with an application where users are being logged out randomly, and it appears we are seeing a missing session cookie in the web server logs. There is no proof pointing towards ASM as the culprit, but since it is a security device that blocks stuff, people tend to look in its direction. So I am just trying to get ahead of the game and see if anyone has seen this behavior? Any help is appreciated.


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  • Hi Mike,



    I don't remember every seeing ASM remove a cookie from a request or response. If it's reproducible, you could capture tcpdumps on LTM of the client and serverside connections to compare. I don't expect you'd see ASM causing this problem though as ASM typically doesn't modify content.