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Apr 29, 2021

ASM profile | Server Technologies

Hello guys


we have application that is running .NET Core c#

and when I try to set server technologies when creating ASM policy I only see two options:



shouldn't also be there .NET Core ?

is it included in the ASP.NET signatures ?



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  • Hi Abed,


    What version of software are you working on? (there's been some great improvements with the Server Technologies and the detection thereof in the last few versions) - you can find the current list for v16.0 here:


    My gut feel is that the .NET core signatures are included in the packages, as they don't have their own entries, but I'm no expert on those languages. I would probably go with those to start with and keep an eye on your learning suggestions; if ASM has a better suited Server Technology, it will give you a recommendation at some point. (in the few latest versions at least)


    Hope this helps.

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      Hi Alex

      I checked with v13 and v15, both only have ASP.NET and ASP only. I didn't see .net core.

      I started with ASP.NET and I hope this will be enough for the ASM

      I didn't see suggestion to add new server technologies