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Jun 25, 2018

ASM policy with corresponding VIP details

could you please let me know the command to fetch all vip, asm policy, backend server and port number via cli.


Below command fetches the VIP, backend server and port numbers, but again if SNAT is configured, then pool doesnt display on csv.


tmsh list ltm virtual one-line |awk '{for(i=0;i<=NF;i++)if($i=="pool"){p=$(i+1)}; print $3,$6,p}' |awk '{cmd="tmsh list ltm pool " $3 " one-line"; cmd|getline r; print $1,$2,$3,r}' |awk '{printf "%s,%s,%s",$1,$2,$3} {for(j=3;j<=NF;j++)if($j~/:/){printf ",%s",$j} {print ""}}' >> $HOSTNAME


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