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Mar 09, 2023

ASM Policy Clone

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to use a matured ASM policy on a new VS i.e with all the learned data. I tried to clone the existing ASM policy and attached to the new VS however it did not take the learned data from the old ASM policy. Like for example HTTP header lenght max was learnt at 25 in old policy and in cloned policy it changed to 20.

Am I doing something wrong

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    When you clone  policy, it creates a new policy with the same rule set and
    config. as the original policy, but it does not include any learned data.
    so any learned data from the original policy, such as HTTP header
    length max, will not be carried over to the new policy.

    To use the learned data from the old ASM policy in the new VS, you have to 
    export the learned data from the old policy and import it into the new policy.

  • Generally it should copy all parameter but there are certain exceptions.
    ie. Policy Template should be same then it will copy all the learnt parameter else challanges will be there.

    Check with F5 support