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Jun 21, 2012

ASM ICAP support for HTTPS




I am interested in using the ICAP for a new service that is in development, it is critical we inspect uploaded images before they reach our storage. However, the incoming sessions will be HTTPS based and all the documents I have seen point to HTTP.




I am assuiming, the F5 will decrypt and forward the traffic to the ICAP server and then re-encrypt it back to the target server. So long as all the SSL certificates are in the right place.




I have not found any documents on F5 to support this assumption, has anyone used ICAP with an HTTPS service?










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  • Hi Chung,



    I haven't tried testing this and don't have access to a lab box at the moment. If HTTPS fails, you could probably create an HTTP virtual server on an internal VLAN. Add a server SSL profile and a pool of the ICAP server(s). Then point the ASM config to the HTTP virtual server.