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Jan 30, 2024

application not working

Application stopped working and started working after failover & then stopped working after some time in the failover device.
It was working smoothly before on same device F5 LTM.
Issue happened immediately.
Backend server IP ==

Self ip==172.23118.127

Floating ip==

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  • Is it just this particular virtual server that's being affected? I would check for duplicate non-floating  self IPs between the active and standby device and I would also maybe try forcing offline the standby device temporarily to see if this issue reoccurs.

  • Version?

    Appliance type?

    service type?   https?   

    what testing have you done on the listen side -what have you done on the translate side?

  • Is it just for one virtual server?
    If you try force offline the standby device this issue still occurs?

  • Contact F5 support, they can have a look at the actual configuration and log files. Here you will have to share a lot you might not want to.