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Apr 13, 2012

Apple OS as a corporate asset




Does anybody have any suggestions on how to validate that an iPad/iPhone or Mac are corporate owned assets vs a personal owned asset? We are using machine certificates for our windows hosts but those don't work on the apple devices.



Any sugguestions now how we can accomplish this on the Edge Gateway?






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  • Download and install the F5 application via Itunes along with a user certificate. You can validate the cert against the backend.
  • Hi Mike,



    The problem with this is that the certificate is exportable and can be installed on any iOS device. From my understanding there is no way to install a "machine" certificate on the iOS device and that even if you could the Edge Inspector couldn't investigate it.





    Seth Cooper
  • Fair enough, even if it was a user certificate it could be exportable. I believe you can get the ICCID from within the pre-logon sequence but I'm not 100% sure. I'll have to do some testing.
  • I too would like to tag osx machines as a corporate asset.



    I managed to get this to work(our osx machines are joined to ad)




    However I havent managed a way to get at that machine certificate.



    So close, but so far away.