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Apr 18, 2012

APM V11 iOS Edge Client

Hi Everyone,




I had a quick question regarding the edge client on mobile (ios or android). In the lab I'm attempting to give the mobile user access to just one server / port (exchange / 443). To do this I've setup an app tunnel to the ip:port of the server, and I assign this in the APM policy for mobiles. When doing this, connecting with a client (IOS 5.1) I get the message "Unable to retrieve network access configuration". Is the edge client on mobile unable to use app tunnels or am I missing something really silly in my config?






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  • Network Access only on the Firepass side. I would assume it's the same on the APM.


  • Thanks Mike,



    This was my thought as well, and from what I've been seeing it seems to be the case. Ill report back if I find its not the case.
  • If you could persuade someone up at F5 to make application tunnels function, that would be really great. F5 is all about security and giving a rogue device the ability to grab an IP address is strange. I'm not saying other companies don't allow it but it's not the best decision in my mind.
  • I completely agree, hence why at first I was thinking it was configuration issue on my part (still pretty new to APM). I'm still checking with our local SE's/F5SE's/Lab manuals, so if I find otherwise I shall let you know.



  • Hey Mike,


    Just heard back from my favorite F5 SE, and he tells me that at present only full and split tunnels on the mobiles are supported. Sounds like it might be on the road map though to get the app tunnels.