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Nov 26, 2023

APM not loading Web Applicaiton Properly after the Auhtenticaiton is successful

Hi Community, 

I have a very straight forward setup where, single F5 device running apm and ltm publishing one web service. 

AD authentication is successful and after that user is redirected to the web application pool but the problem is it doesn't load the buttons on the applications. If I try through ltm only application works perfectly fine but behind apm  page loads with no buttons. 

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  • the web service very likely has object referencing not using relative path.
    you can use network tab in browser's developer tool's (F12) to check which http/s requests fail

  • Hi Guys, 


    Thank you for the comments , i have found out something i will share if i am using LTM there is a certain resource that is loading properly but behind apm that resource doens't load in the first try and apm establishes a new connection. but i a refresh the broswer with the same authenticated session the button loads.  But first login attempt the resource doesn't load

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      use the Network tab in browser's developer tools to tracks which object doesnt load.
      you can also check apm log for failed requests.