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May 28, 2013

APM Full Webtop customization

I've created a Dynamic full webtop that presents the users with access to certain SAML SPs based on their AD group membership. We do not want the webtop page to show that it is from F5, and I cannot find where the title "F5 Dynamic Webtop" is located once a user is logged in so that I can change it. Can someone help me?


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  • I have looked around in APM customisation too,can't find out where to change the text for F5 Dynamic webtop page title.


  • did the same, looked through all customisation files and couldn't find this one. did find the ones for the log off / log on, so it feels a little like it is missing.


    if you got a support contract i would ask them now and please do report back the answer.


  • While not officially supported I suppose, here's a way to change the HTML title tag.


    1. Under /var/sam/www/php_include/webtop/renderer/webtop_full/full there are subfolders for different OS versions. Open and edit the "" file and modify the title tag there.


    2. bigstart restart or reboot the box.


    3. Open a case to request this as a customization feature.


    This will most certainly be overwritten by an update, so keep that in mind.


  • Found this old thread. Looking to do the same thing to customize content (static + Javascript) as well as look and feel on the full webtop as is possible on the logon page.


    Did anyone get it to work ?


  • Hello, is there any update on this?


    I just contacted support and they explained that this option is still in RFE. I've tried both approaches and neither of them are working (Modify and add the Javascript at the end of


    The worked in version 12 tho but after upgrade, even if i modify the file again, the changes are not reflected as they used to in v12. Do you guys have any alternative? Thank you in advance!!


  • I don't know if anyone is still looking for an answer to this, but this ended up working me and is based on a method scrounged from Stackoverflow. It checks for the f5 default title and then substitutes the title you want. A document change event handler (MutationObserver) is added to detect any later reversion of the title by the f5 base code. On some fast machines, when the webtop posts back to the f5 a 'flicker' in the title can be seen but I only caught this once myself and it settles back to the value that you want in the end.


    In your '' file, right below the javascript block that adds the function "setViewport" insert this additional script block:


    <script language="javascript">

    //change the default F5 page title

      if (document.title == "F5 Dynamic Webtop") {

       document.title = "My Title";



    // watch to make sure it doesn't get changed on us again

    // select the target node

    var target = document.querySelector('title');


    // create an observer instance

    var observer = new MutationObserver(function(mutations) {

    if (document.title == "F5 Dynamic Webtop") {

    document.title = "My Title";




    // configuration of the observer:

    var config = { subtree: true, characterData: true, childList: true };


    // pass in the target node, as well as the observer options

    observer.observe(target, config);



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      thanks for sharing, funny that after so many years it still isn't added officially.