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Sep 11, 2023

APM Configuration With Authentications Against Priority ERP & Duo MFA

Hi Team,

I have the following scenario and I am looking for ways to implement DUO MFA via APM:

Customer have Priority ERP On-Prem Server with SQL DB, users that connect to Priority login page are authenticated locally with SQL query. I know that SQL query is not supported by big-ip to authenticate users. Now we want to add DUO 2FA to login.

I have followed the arcitle APM Configuration to Support Duo MFA using iRule and was wondering if there is a way to implament the solution with my scenario? I tried with AD Authentication and it works perfect. The problem is as i mentioned users authenticate localy at the server.

The issue is what are my options for First Authentication Factor? I need a way for APM first to pass the user to Priority logon page and after successfull login redirect to DUO 2FA. I have tried to configure "External Logon Page" BUT encountered an endless loop between https:/APM_URL/.my.policy and the logon page.

Can anyone advise which options I have with APM to implament the solution? 

Kind Regards,


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