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Dec 30, 2020

APM Access policy logout with multiple applications

Dear all,


I have a virtual server with Access profile which performs SSO to backend servers based on the URI in a single domain. The access profile contains a webtop with portal applications so users can click on it. authentication is performed with local logon page and RADIUS tokens.


So the SSO works fine, now when the users logoff that also works, the access profile is deleted but when the user goes back to the first browser tab with the webtop opened and clicks on the other application it receives the error invalid session ID. This of course makes sense due to the session removal however is not user friendly.


How could we implement a "nicer" user logout per portal applications perhaps making sure that the user can continue to work with other applications maintaining SSO functionality?


ps: I know we are crossing the "boundaries" of F5 APM design but I believe we should improve this behavior if someone has an idea please share>

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