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  • To note - the above variable required the patch management check (under client side endpoint security) assignment in the VPE in order to populate that variable.


  • I too am looking at needing firstly to log details of what mac OS is connecting at the time and not just logging version as 2 or 3 of the patch management as per first response above, but the actual OS version.

    It seems this session variable was removed at one stage for MacOS? "session.client.platform_version"

    Surely F5 could make a change to Big-IP Client endpoint checks so it can grab this info quickly and pass it back to the APM for logging.

    We want to also not just report but also be able to make connection decisions based on this info.

    We aren't at this stage ready to use say MDM like INTUNE to say whether a device is compliant or not but this would be definitely a future state.

    These endpoint OS version checks should be the same for windows as well with some granularity of say the windows 10 versions LTSB, LTSC or the other trains. This is quite an old entry now so am wondering if anyone has developed a solution even if it is say via irule or somehow running a script client side using the built in VPE options?

    We are running and APM Client 7242.2023.428.523-6242.0 for any reference to a solution.